2017 Special Guest Artists:



Sunday September 3, 2017
Evening Concert 5pm

Playing gigs to sold out venues full of adoring fans, road-dogging band OBB has built their fan base one city at a time.  Having spent years on the road, the experienced group brings their mix of indie pop, dance and thought-provoking songs to anyone that will listen, including spur of the moment roadside pop up concerts, should the urge strike.  Originally from the musical hotbed of Atlanta, Georgia, the band’s home is literally the tour bus and city it rolls into each night. 

The Oswald Brothers Band (OBB) consists of three brothers – Zach, Jacob and Nich. Zach sings lead while playing guitar and keys. Jacob is lead guitarist and Nich plays drums.

Having received multiple invites to tour the hugely successful Winter Jam, the band reappeared through the winter of 2017 performing in front of an expected 750,000 people.  Finishing up a brand new album slated for 2017, the group leads with “Sweater”, a pure pop song with infectious hooks that all three brothers wrote accompanied by Andreas Moss and Josh Brownleewe

To learn more about OBB visit their website at obbmusic.com



The Littles

Sunday September 3, 2017
Morning Worship 10:30am

Songs that lift spirits, lighten hearts, encourage believers, and most importantly, songs about the Savior . . . . that's what you can expect from The Littles. Founded in July 2007, The Littles of Monroe, North Carolina are quickly becoming a favorite among family groups in Christian music. The trio includes Jack Little, Jan Little and Rebecca Little Burke. Their progressive style of gospel music built around great arrangements, close family harmony, and strong vocals is sure to minister to audiences of all ages. The Littles have been greatly blessed with new ministry opportunities and several industry achievements. Whether in a church service, revival services, or on a concert stage, the Littles are certain to encourage believers in their walk with Christ and challenge unbelievers to come to Him.

To learn more about The Littles visit: jacklittleministries.org