2018 Special Guest Artists:


10 Talents

Sunday September 2, 2018
Evening Concert 5pm

Every once in awhile a band becomes close enough to say "We're like family". And then there's 10 Talents who "are" family. Call it an atypical journey, but after years of chasing popularity and success in their own respective musical outfits, the three Waglers came together to renounce fame and potential riches by forming this Non-Profit band.

Coming together in the fall of 2015 with no real goal other than to make music and give it away, they've since performed extensively throughout the midwest. Shows have ranged from back yard acoustic appearances to direct support for Grammy nominated artists. However, constants remain. Each song download is free. Each dollar received is used to support the ministry or donated directly to a partner charity. Each life touched is for a higher purpose.

"The first time the idea came up it was forever obvious. Music is a gift and a vehicle to help those in need", bassist and vocalist Eric says. The first merchandise pressed didn't even feature the band name. Instead, a simple quote from Pablo Picasso:

"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away"

After teaming up w/ Drummer Logan Witte, and Keyboardist Jason Aeschliman, and with the help of producers/friends Pete Bishop and Jake Rye (Newsboys, Sanctus Real, Steven Malcolm), the band wrote and recorded 10 Talents EP focusing on molding together a mixture of Indie, Pop, Honesty, Hope and Love. With the release in Spring 2017, they immediately concentrated ambitions on reaching the world.

Most days, home may be a makeshift basement recording studio on a quiet county road in Northern Ohio. But to 10 Talents, home is ultimately where you arrive once the journey is through. This journey is only beginning. Join us.


The Step Brothers

Sunday September 2, 2018
Evening Concert 5pm

It all started with a talent show. Pettisville High School hosts a talent show each spring called Pettisville Idol which allows singers and musicians to demonstrate their talents. Band mates Birch Baer and Zach Morrison decided they wanted to find a group of musicians to perform for the Pettisville Idol in 2016.  They formed a band, “The Step Brothers” which consisted of Birch Baer, Theary Eash, Peyton Miller, and Zach Morrison. Evan Rufenacht, a senior, was asked to be the lead singer. When Evan graduated the band wanted to continue playing and asked Jack Stuber, who is a violinist, to become the “singer” by playing the melodies on his violin.  The band discussed and decided they still wanted to seek out a singer and approached Rebekah Liechty to sing and play piano when needed.

The group of Pettisville High School juniors enjoys hanging out with each other and making music. They each have high hopes and dreams as a band to be able to have fun and play at many venues. The normal venues for the band have been local churches and the Fifth Quarter at the Back Bay which is hosted after basketball games. The band is excited about their first original song called “Memories” which is out on all major music providers. They are also enjoying selling t-shirts and stickers to raise money to pay for recording fees and new gear to help improve their performing abilities.

The band would like to thank their families and communities that support them in many different ways. The support they receive is what pushes them to do better and strive for bigger goals. The main goal the band has is to have fun and enjoy their high school experience as it doesn’t last forever. Music to the band is an important part of life and a saying that band member Zach Morrison remembers that helps push the band forward is “Never lose your song, you will need it when the lights go out.”


Sojourner's Quartet

Sunday September 2, 2018
Morning Worship 10:30am

The Sojourner Quartet is a Christian music ministry based in Findlay, Ohio and is made up of four born again Christian friends. Sojourner began in 1991 as a contemporary Christian group. The group’s members played their own instruments and wrote many of the songs they played. They recorded their first project of original music in 1992. As their popularity spread, they began to play around northwest Ohio and Michigan at a number of churches and community festivals. Over the years, changes have come with members and music style.

This now primarily Southern Gospel Group has completed several projects and has recorded in places like Gaither Studios, Brownwood, Hilltop Studios, Southern Sound, Summit Studios and others. Sojourner has also been blessed to have recorded with some of the greatest musicians in gospel music. Over the years, several songs have seen some charting success both in the USA and Europe. The group has traveled from New York to Kansas, Michigan to Florida and has had the opportunity to sing on Gospel cruises traveling the Bahamas, Mexico and Belize. The group is also honored to have had the opportunity to share the platform with The Hoppers, Ivan Parker, New Journey, Lighthouse, The Crabb Family, The Booth Brothers, Palmetto State Quartet, the Isaacs, the Talley Trio and many others.

The Sojourner Quartet offers a unique combination, presenting the Gospel through His Word, song and personal testimony. Having seen many lives changed, the group continues to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. They offer a diverse background that they are willing to share. Blue collar, white collar and professional; with ages spanning forty years, sharing personal testimonies about family, employment, tragedy and God’s work in them.

Sojourner Quartet members include Mark May-Baritone, Larry Counterman-Bass, Jeff McGlade-Lead, and Isaac Steinhour- Tenor. For more information about Sojourner visit www.sojournerquartet.com.


The Sound

Monday September 3, 2018
Evening Concert 5pm

The Sound is a music ministry that seeks to fulfill a purpose...to see people come to the life changing touch of Jesus Christ. Rob Mills is celebrating his 27th year of sharing the gospel in song and he now has the thrill of having his family involved in the ministry. In just three short years they have traveled thousands of miles singing at churches, concert halls, fairs and camp meetings across the country. They have witnessed more than 2500 souls added to the Kingdom of God and currently have more than 1.6 million views on you tube.

The Sound has shared the platform with artists like The Booth Brothers, Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, Jeff and Sherry Easter and many others. Rob has also written songs for some of today’s top gospel artists like Gold City, Mercys Mark, Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver and Mark Trammel Quartet. The Sound has also partnered with Compassion International to see children around the world have the opportunity to be fed, educated, and have their lives changed by Jesus Christ.

Members of The Sound include Rob Mills, Levi Mills and Jacob Mills. For more information about The Sound visit www.thesound.org